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Diabetic Recipes

Compliments of the eCookbooks Library website.

About the eCookbooks Library:
As a publisher (and owner of this website), I have never seen an offer like this online.

E-Cookbooks Library is the most amazing collection of cookbooks on the internet.

It is home to over 100 cookbooks filled with 100,000 World-Class Recipes, many of which have been submitted by the
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For just the price of one inexpensive paperback cookbook, you get ALL the cookbooks and a life-time membership which entitles you to receive new cookbooks every month without every having to pay another penny.

Cookbook Download Instructions:

If an Adobe ebook opens in your web browser instead of downloading into your computer, click on the save symbol BENEATH the address bar to save the ebook file to your hard drive.

First Step:
You will need the free Acrobat Reader which you can download for FREE here!  You may already have the free reader installed in your computer.

Second Step:
Click here to download the Diabetic Recipes Cook Book Now!

Windows:  click on the download link.  

AOL and Explorer users will want to RIGHT click on the book they want, then click "Save Target As" and place it in your desired folder.  

Netscape users should LEFT click and will be able to open it to save it to disk.


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Your Food Addition is Good for Business!

Food can be used to medicate our feelings. Its pleasure gives a predictable lift. When we feel cranky, tired or lonely, food offers comfort. A comfort on which we can depend. A comfort that brings peace in an emotional storm. However, the reliance on food or any substance to feel better forms dependence.

The pleasure offered by mood-altering drugs and food can easily become a security blanket, insulating us from a harsh world. An emotional crutch that makes us weaker by leaning on it. Each time we use it natural emotional responses deteriorate, and the addict becomes emotionally dependent on the pleasure to control mood ....

Read the rest of the article here!


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